One word

Courageous. The lion found it, so why couldn’t I?  After weeks of pondering my “word of the year” or so my friend calls it, courageous just showed up.  It was one of those ah ha moments that it all made sense. It was the word that answered all my needs and questions for the year. But then the fear jumped in. How on earth could I be courageous? I have a struggling business. A family that has more needs than sometimes I feel I have strength for. A dream of writing and teaching that has never come to light. How could I be courageous to tackle these another year?

I know its cliché but if you look up the definition of courageous is says…” not deterred by danger”. Not deterred by danger. Isn’t that exactly what we as humans try to do…STAY AWAY FROM DANGER! Danger in so many forms.  Besides the obvious, everyone’s individual danger is different. To some it’s dealing with employee or work issues. To some it’s confronting family issues. To some danger is avoiding all and any conflict or opposition at all.

How does that help anyone grow?  How can we grow as people without confronting the danger in front of us.  We can’t. You can’t keep avoiding driving over bridges in your life, you’ll never get off the island.

This year will take heart of being courageous. A lot of times we aren’t courageous because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or we are afraid that someone might not like us.  We aren’t courageous because we don’t want to stand out in the crowd for fear that we are wrong. It’s time now though to stop being afraid of being courageous. To stop just getting by and making something great out of our story.  This won’t be easy. This will be a one day at a time thing.  This will be scary, but my gut is telling me something beautiful is going to come out of this.

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