Have you ever had a period of time where literally everything was going on wrong around you. Literally everything. And instead of feeling helped or supported you feel like people are watching you like a circus animal waiting to see when you will loose control.  Ever feel like you have nothing or no one to grasp and your just in free fall.  Ever feel completely alone and out of control. Have you ever?

Where do you start?  How do you start to pick up the pieces alone when no one else is there to help.

  1. Make a list- write down every gut wrenching thing that is going wrong. And there are no wrong or right answers to the list, write it all down. Feel the emotion stated with it. Anger, sadness, frustration. Let yourself feel those emotions instead of telling yourself you have to hold it all in. It sucks right now, totally sucks. And no one has a magical wand that will make it all better tomorrow, but you’ve got to let yourself express the feelings or you’re just asking for your body to act out in other ways. Might be best to do this in solitude so you can be more free to express how you feel.
  2. Wake up the next day- I know this is the hard one when you aren’t sure if tomorrow is really necessary to show up. Just wake up. Put on the clothes go through the day knowing everything won’t be perfect, but that you at least showed up. And be proud of yourself for just showing up. One day showing up will get easier and the path that was laid before you will be a little bit clearer, but for today just show up.
  3. Pray constantly- Yes, you feel very isolated from the flesh, but you are surrounded by the One who is in control of it all. Just talk to Him all day. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It might not seem like anything is coming from this, but stay steadfast and keep talking.
  4. Celebrate the little joys- Huge issues won’t be solved in one day and they will take endurance, but each day there has to be a little joy. Whether that your coffee was made right at Starbucks or your kids actually brought home their homework. Find that little joy, hold on to it for the few minutes it feels good. Breathe through the joy and celebrate.
  5. Lay your head down at night- You have to sleep. When you are going through exceptional stress it feels like you should be constantly doing something to fix it. You have to rest. Sometimes all that will fix an issue is time. Lay your head on your pillow. Breathe and pray. Rest and garner strength for the next day.  You need rest to have a clear mind to make decisions. If you wake up in the middle of the night, pray for peace for calm.
  6. Be grateful- I heard once you don’t have to feel grateful to be grateful. It sounded bad at first, but there are days when its so difficult that gratitude towards anyone is the last thing I feel, but I still have my family, my home, my freedoms. Just taking a moment to say thank you for whatever you still have will pay so much forward to getting you through this.
  7. When things finally work themselves out and they will in time, promise yourself that if you see someone that is under immense stress you will not be the watch and stare club. You will be present; you will contribute to helping another human being get through their difficult time.

We can do this.  Endurance through the storm is the hardest and it’s like running a marathon. I promise there is nothing like seeing that finish line at the end! Be patient with yourself, I promise you’ve got this!

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